Başarıyla Sepete eklendi !

We offer subtitling and translation services while paying attention to:


· Correct time-cuing and positioning of subtitles

· Error-free translation

· Appropriately chunked subtitles (i.e. at a thought unit, at a conjunction, or between two clauses) looking out for accuracy, completion and comprehensibility

· Clarity and brevity

· Fluent language, using as few words as possible

· Fact checking and accurate research

· Referring to an expert opinion when necessary

· Toning down swearwords

· Matching what the eye reads with what the eye sees by paying close attention to the footage

· Benefiting from the richness of the language as much as possible

· Using terms, expressions, sayings, proverbs and a tone appropriate for the people in the programme and the time when the events are set

· Expressing the context to the target audience clearly and in a comprehensible manner, neither deviating from the original material nor leaving any trace of translation

· Maximum precision in subtitle embedding and video encoding which are done entirely in-house


We take pride in our success, which is the outcome of the joint efforts of our coordinator and our experienced staff of translators, subtitling operators, proofreaders and editors.